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Juristech Associates, Ltd. has specialized in the placement of general practice attorneys and patent practitioners in U.S. Law Firms, multi-national corporations and high technology start-up companies since 1988. Juristech’s national attorney and patent agent placement approach includes data optimization and personality assessment. The goal of our national search efforts is the enrichment of our employment data to ensure optimization of career and hiring decisions. At Juristech, we believe that our judgment is only as good as our information. In the effort to find novel and augmentative data, we use both researchers and internet search engines. Our initiative for the optimization of personality assessment includes extensive debriefing of both sides of the hiring process, conducting of reference checks and when appropriate, the provision of candidate personality testing. The efforts of our placement staff are designed to offer a comprehensive set of career and hiring options, including opportunities at small firms and start-ups- often below the radar of our competition, and candidates from large firm partnerships, professional corporations and multi-nationals- often within the “hands off” conflict zone of brand name executive search organizations.

Firm History

Juristech Associates, Ltd., was founded in 1988 to provide attorney placement services to law firms and corporate entities nationwide. In the 27 years of its history, Juristech has placed more than 200 general attorneys, patent attorneys and patent agents throughout both the continental US and Alaska and Hawaii. From 1995 to 2014, Juristech employed remote researchers to secure the information needed to identify appropriate candidates for specific lateral attorney and patent agent positions. From December of 2014 to the present, Juristech has focused its legal search resources to help a highly defined and select group of law firms and corporations to hire appropriate lateral attorneys- providing the best level of service possible to our longtime clientele. While we are continually receptive to the introduction of new hiring entities in our business horizon, we are, as of calendar year 2015, enjoying our best year ever, by paring down the number of our researchers, and by increasing the focus to best serve our law firm and corporate clientele. Our revenues have vindicated our newfound focus. 2015 is up about 20% over our earlier best year, 2010.

Firm Philosophy:

We utilize ardent and thorough data acquisition techniques and extensive interviews before referring candidates to our hiring clientele. We attend at least one NALSC conference per year in order to keep up with latest national placement trends. We strive to maintain transparency among candidates and clients to provide the most accurate available information regarding referred candidates. In the final analysis, we strive to provide the trust and loyalty toward our select group of clients in order to secure the placement of the most appropriate lateral professionals.

Past and Present Representative Clients:

Juristech Associates Ltd. has placed attorneys with IBM, Siemens, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Labs, Boyle Engineering, Microchip and Genencor. We have placed attorneys in AMLAW 200 and small to mid-sized, local law firms since 1988. In 2000 we established the Manhattan satellite office of an AMLAW 100 general practice law firm. In 2005, we placed the personal attorney of Former President Ronald Reagan with a highly regarded tax and business boutique in Los Angeles.

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Reciprocity Chart in the U.S. Jurisdictions

This is our standard fee statement presented to law firms and corporations when the hiring firms prefer to defer to Juristech’s own fee structure policy. We encourage our competitors to read and use any portions of our fee statement, as we believe this fee statement helps to strengthen the security of the information submission process- protecting both the hiring entity and the integrity of the placement process- and lending dignity to the significance and even the sanctity of the information which passes from the attorney search firm to the hiring entities.