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Juristech Associates, Ltd. has specialized in the placement of general practice attorneys and patent practitioners in U.S. Law Firms, multi-national corporations and high technology start-up companies since 1988. Juristech’s national attorney and patent agent placement approach includes data optimization and personality assessment. The goal of our national search efforts is the enrichment of our employment data to ensure optimization of career and hiring decisions. At Juristech, we believe that our judgment is only as good as our information. In the effort to find novel and augmentative data, we use both researchers and internet search engines. Our initiative for the optimization of personality assessment includes extensive debriefing of both sides of the hiring process, conducting of reference checks and when appropriate, the provision of candidate personality testing. The efforts of our placement staff are designed to offer a comprehensive set of career and hiring options, including opportunities at small firms and start-ups- often below the radar of our competition, and candidates from large firm partnerships, professional corporations and multi-nationals- often within the “hands off” conflict zone of brand name executive search organizations.

This flexible Juristech structure offers a highly versatile information gathering procedure to provide and to assist in employment information optimization.
Our combination of the internet with the human touch of virtual researchers can often beat the denotative nature of the internet at its own game of information brokerage. Due to the unique relationship between the internet and human personality, Juristech is able to create modules of informational value which the internet alone, at least in its present incarnation, lacks the human spirit to accommodate the aim of comprehensive, national legal placement.
An emphasis on research investment often yields uniquely candidate-tailored placements.
For instance, in 2012, Juristech successfully placed the Director of Intellectual Property at a Silicon Valley Start-up, which provided our placed candidate with an impressive option grant  in addition to an otherwise competitive compensatory package. Juristech identified the position through the efforts of one of our veteran researchers and the candidate from an extensive, nationwide wide, search engine assisted inquiry. The placement took place in Northern California while Juristech is based in Naperville, Illinois with access to Manhattan conference space.
Also in 2012, Juristech placed the Sole Patent Counsel of a 1.8 billion dollar, publicly traded, integrated circuit company in the American Southwest.
Other recent notable placements in 2012 include the placement of the practice chair of employee benefits in a 100+ attorney Manhattan general practice law firm and an employee benefits partner of another Manhattan-based, business boutique firm. In that same year, Juristech placed an Ivy educated, senior associate in business boutique firm in New Orleans.
In 2012, Juristech’s information base enhancement initiative produced the data which led a major Ohio based litigation boutique to acquire and develop its first satellite office in Huntington, West Virginia- the creation of an office which catalyzed the creation of  jobs for nine attorneys and legal support personnel in that city.
In that same year, we successfully placed a senior level patent administrator at a publicly traded, 1+ billion revenue, textile technology corporation in North Carolina.
Also in 2012, we placed a PhD chemical patent attorney in a well regarded, IP boutique law firm in the greater DC-Northern Virginia area.
Finally, in 2012, we placed an MIT graduate patent prosecutor at a growing patent boutique law firm in the greater Palo Alto, CA area.
Beyond these placements, in 2012, Juristech initiated the placement process of several Southern US  based attorneys with collective generative ability of 4.5 m USD per year. We are still vigorously promoting the candidacy of this partner group in a variety of law firms.
Also in that year, we initiated the placement of a senior patent  partner level attorneys (2 separate candidates) with @ 1 m. in portable business in both Silicon Valley and LA.
We are also currently representing in 2013, several Tristate area patent attorneys with collective generative ability (portables) of 5 m. per year.
So far in 2013, we have placed a former IBM patent practitioner in the South, and a highly recognized oil field equipment partner also in the South with the chosen outside counsel to a major, publicly traded, (multi-billion dollar) oil field equipment manufacturer.
We have through the years enjoyed a few high profile attorney placements. One of our most notable occurred in 2005 when our research staff discovered that the personal attorney of former President Ronald Reagan was amenable to a job change. The attorney- who successfully defended the President during an investigation during the Reagan administration, had also represented two members of the Forbes 400- and was in 2005, vigorously representing one of his billionaire clients. We were able to place this unique attorney that year in a highly regarded business boutique law firm in southern California using our information-centric approach.
Juristech applies a forthright, ethical and tenacious approach to identify the most relevant and valuable information for a given candidate whether an attorney candidate represents small companies, private or renown clientele.
Our system is effective. The parity of available information technology among competing national legal search firms in 1988- when Juristech began- was constituted differently than the parity among our competitors in the present day. In 1988, Juristech competed for the best information when a land line phone and a floppy disk IBM clone were the tools of the trade- today we are continuing to successfully compete for information using internet search engines and virtual researchers. Our best revenue years have been 2008 and 2010*- during times of challenging industry-wide market conditions.  One material reason for this is the high commission incentive provided to Juristech consultants relative to the recruiters in other entities, including in-house recruiters, who often limit their work days to ordinary working hours,  and consultants at larger, national executive search organizations, whose appetite for search success is often sated by guaranteed base salaries and benefits and limited by a long list of conflicted candidate source entities.
NALSC Membership:
Juristech is a member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and subscribes to a code of ethics more stringent the the NALSC code. Juristech will not pursue a candidate from a source entity where it has placed a legal or patent professional in the previous two years. By contrast, NALSC prescribes a 6 month, ”hands off” policy.
Juristech has attended the following recent NALSC conferences:
NYC, (Cadwalader) October, 2012; New Orleans, (Hotel Monteleone), May, 2012. Houston, May, 2011. (Four Seasons Hotel)  NYC, (Harvard Club), Oct. 2010. Philadelphia, (Rittenhouse Hotel) May, 2009; Hollywood, FL (Diplomat Hotel) May, 2008. Dana Point, CA, (St. Regis) May, 2007.
Engaging a recruiter? Ask them how many recent NALSC conferences they have attended. These meetings offer up to date information sharing trends and industry techniques essential to remaining at the forefront of the legal search profession.
Juristech has placed attorneys and patent agents and patent professionals in all of the pictured (above) cities and other locations.
(New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley.)
*Written authentication from our CPA/Tax Attorney could be provided upon request.
Read our About page to view generic descriptions of other placements conducted by Juristech.