Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement:

Juristech respects the placement fee terms offered by the hiring law firms and corporations. In the interim between the submission of candidate to a hiring firm and the finalization of a mutual agreement between the firm and Juristech, our search firm will often submit a “bridge agreement” to govern the submission of our candidate(s) until a revised, final agreement is established with the hiring firm. Our standard fee statement serves as a bridge between "no contract at all" and the final agreement between the hiring entity and Juristech. Juristech encourages other search firms and entities to adopt, use or copy any or all portions of it. Sharing our fee statement, which took years of experience to finalize, is an expression of our desire to strengthen the role played by recruiters in the attorney search industry. Our fee statement is presented below:

Bridge Fee Statement for Lateral Attorneys:

This letter sets forth our terms with respect to contingent recruitment fees payable to Juristech Associates, Ltd [ henceforth JA] for the referral of candidates to your law firm or company which results in an affiliation between the referred candidate and your firm/company. The law firm or company to which JA refers an attorney or any type of candidate, including an independent contractor, shall be designated the hiring entity. The term candidate shall include a referred attorney, patent agent, partner, associate, of counsel, technology consultant, or any type of independent contractor or agent. The term affiliation shall include any of the following relationships or activity between the hiring entity and a JA referred candidate: A referral of a case or legal matter from the candidate to the hiring entity or from the hiring entity to the candidate, the employment of a candidate with the hiring entity, an of counsel relationship between candidate and hiring entity and any partnership or shareholder status attained by the candidate with the hiring entity. The term affiliation shall also embrace the commission of any legal work, technical work, administrative work, patent search work or any other type of work conducted to any degree in concert between or among the candidate(s) and the hiring entity. The term affiliation shall also include the appearance of the referred candidate’s name or biography on the website of the hiring entity. 1. The fee payable to JA is 25% of the annual compensation (on an annualized basis) set for the referred candidate(s) upon commencing affiliation with the hiring entity. The fee will be paid, subject to refund as provided below, within the first 10 calendar days of the start date of the referred candidates affiliation with your firm. If the candidate is paid to any degree as a percentage of billings or collections generated during the candidate’s affiliation with the hiring entity, our fee shall be computed as the greater of two numbers: 1) 25% of the total annual compensation earned by the candidate during the preceding calendar year and 2) 25% of a fair estimate of the total annual compensation to be earned by the candidate in the first 12 months with the hiring entity. 2. If the affiliation of the candidate is terminated within 30 days after the date of the affiliation JA will refund the amount of any payments made on the fee and no other payments will be Due from the hiring entity. If a candidate’s affiliation is terminated after 30 days but prior to 180 days from the date affiliation commences, the hiring entity’s total obligation will be the amount the fee multiplied by the number of days of affiliation divided by 180, and JA will refund any amounts paid in excess thereof. JA will, at the option of the hiring firm, apply those fees received against any future fees earned in an effort to refill the position vacated by the earlier, terminated placement. This guarantee will not apply in the case of an economically based layoff or the death or disability of a referred candidate. 3. The late payment of recruitment fees to our search firm will accrue interest at the rate of 2.5% per month payable to JA. 4. No passage of time from the date of biography submission to the hiring entity to the start date of the affiliation of the referred candidate with the hiring entity shall remove the obligation of the hiring entity to pay appropriate recruitment fees to JA for candidates referred by JAL to the hiring entity. 5. The hiring entity’s affiliation of an attorney or patent agent or any other independent contractor referred by JA or the creation of an affiliation with the same subsequent to the receipt of this fee statement shall be considered valid approval and acceptance by the hiring entity to the terms of this fee statement. 6. The parties agree the Circuit Courts of Illinois shall have exclusive, nationwide jurisdiction over any dispute regarding this fee agreement or whether a placement fee is due hereunder, and the parties expressly waive any objection to the Circuit Courts of Illinois assert personal jurisdiction over them. The hiring entity expressly waives the right to bring an action against JAL which is in any way related to a placement fee dispute in any jurisdiction other than the Circuit Courts of Illinois. 7. The hiring entity shall be required to inform JA of the creation of any affiliation between the hiring entity and the referred candidate within 5 business days of the affiliation or referral of business. The nondisclosure to JA of the creation of an affiliation or business referral could result, at the discretion of JA, of an increase of the recruitment fee rate from 25 to 35% of annual compensation as prescribed in Number 1 of this Fee Statement. 8. All attorneys fees and court costs and ordinary costs of conducting a litigation associated with JA’s efforts to obtain full payment for recruitment fees and any associated late payment charges due from the hiring entity client shall be paid by the hiring entity client. This shall include contingent attorney’s fees or hourly rate attorney fees. This clause shall be enforceable in the case of JA’s successful placement of an attorney with a hiring entity client after which the hiring entity client fails to pay the recruitment fee and any associated late charges designated in this statement to JA within 35 calendar days from the start date of the referred attorney’s affiliation with the hiring entity. Moreover, the hiring entity agrees that any service of summons to the hiring entity from JA or its attorney(s) may be accomplished by means of certified US mail or private courier. 9. This document constitutes the complete agreement between us and supersedes any prior agreement, negotiations or discussions. Further, the unenforceability of one clause of this statement will not render by necessity the unenforceability of one or any other clause to this fee statement.